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Lollu Sabha, a show that has created a huge fan following across generations, a show that has created ripples of laughter through seasons, i s back with a bigger and better bang!! This great comic phenomenon has ardent fans spread worldwide. It has created such a craze that it has blog sites and online communities featuring special videos from the show to relive those funny moments. Lollu Sabha, a name that definitely tickles the funny bones in one and all; is back; this time, it is packed with lots more fun and gags to give the viewers some belly-jiggling laughter.
the new avataar of Lollu Sabha promises its viewers all the old ingredidients: clever plot, witty and pithy dialogues, incredibly funny acts, all accurately drawn to entertain. Lollu Sabha is a satire comedy show that re-enacts popular Tamil films, giving them a comic twist. It stars the notorious gang of comic actors Manohar, Swaminathan, Jeeva and Seshu from the previous seasons who will keep the audiences in splits.

The new Lollu Sabha is a one hour episode featuring spoofs on many recently-released Tamil films like Pudupettai, Vettaiyadu Vellaiyadu, Thavamai Thavamirundhu among others. So tune in every Friday at 9 p.m. for the perfect remedy to unwind after a strenuous week and unwind to begin the weekend!

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I love this site..In fact I visit this site every day.This site has huge collection of all lollu sabha episodes and I like tamil dubbed english movies also..thank you tamiltubevid

its very nice to see almost all the lollusabha episod here
but can anyone helpe me to download lollusabha
pls mail me

Please Update the latest Lollu sabha episodes.
Its not getting updated regularly

thanks for request.Update all the recent episodes of lollu sabha,watch & enjoy.
tamiltubevid team

thank you for updating lollu sabha episodes...i love watching lollu sabha episodes...

i am watching this site regularly.i had seen all lollu sabha episode.recent update is note here.please make update.i love this site too... much.thank u

thanking you for the same in future

once again you ara not updating.we are very greacy people to watch lollu sabha.kindly update lollu sabha episode.we have no option to watch in tv.

Dear Sugumar,
some of the episodes are retelecast of old episodes.Recently they stopped lollusabha, we hope they will come back after some gap.
tamiltubevid team

o.k thank u .we will wait for that.

Thanks for your Efforts,,,,,,, Keep going

if any 1 have lollu sabha autograph

Hi Pookiri is the best movie i ever seen in Lollusabha...
Any have the climax part?
Its really great...

awesome upload please update latest

Hi Tamil Tube Vid Group,
Your service is really appreciated and well liked by all people. In future arrange all main actors film and songs. Thank you for ur attention. Arul

Good Day to TamilTubeVid Team!
Please Keep on Update the Latest Lollu
Sabha - Stuffs..

Your dedicated team work in this Episode is higly appreciatable. Wish you all the Best.

i like to watch tamiltube vid . the lollu sabha and tamil dubbed movies are really awesome. i like this site very much

hi am krishna, i need one episode which is all lollu sabha guyz singing the songs from kizhaku vaasal... thangidadhatha tharigidadhatha... song.... can u plz upload it...

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