Suryan FM - Listen online -Tamil Radio

Tamiltubevid Presents Suryan FM 93.5 (Chennai)-live streaming audio

Suryan Fm 93.5-Kelunga Kelunga Kettukittea Irunga

Suryan FM

The audio will start automatically. Please switch on your speakers.Kelunga Kelunga Kettukittea Irunga... Enjoy....

Recommended: Firefox 2.0 above, IE 7.0 above, Windows Media player

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I am using Fire fox version 2.0 But Suryan FM is not working

SuryanFM is not working with any browser at all. i tried several times in the last week.

its not woooorrrrking

its working in windows media player,thanks ma

its working good.......thanks dude...

it is definitely working well with firefox v2 and media player v 11

its working very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On internetexplorer

thank you..nice choice of songs.. great job! keep it up!

Ich liebe Tamil-Musik und auch diesen Radiosender!

super & thanks

superb. its working with windows media player.

superb. its working with windows media player.we r using in oman .nice work yar

i love :) good entertainer...

Thank u. can i get pondicherry suriyan fm?

excellent entertainment for all tamilians all over the world.....

its working well and fine in firefox v2 and media player v 11

it s working great to hear at nights

night fulla kettu kitte engaloda work load easy pochu,, suryan fm is working very good in my internet,,thanks to SURYAN FM ,kelunga kelunga,, kettukitte irunga!!!

how can i listen suriyan fm relay from chennai online through my internet radio Reciva radio please send me the URL

Excellent.... Thanks for it...

really good time pass for all in gulf.

working with google chrome... good time pass... good companion at times...

working good in opera 10
thanks for the tamil tube vid team
hearty thanks to u sir by muthu selvam

It fells like i am visiting my home town thats when i listen to suryanFM,,,, Keep up the great job................
Selva Pandy .... Bahrain.

very very nice to here beauty full songs on live in continuously. thankyou for tamiltubevid.

by k.vinoth kannan & kalaikannan

nice jobs dude... i feel happy to hear tamil songs..bye

A wonderful website for tamil film lovers

this site is awesome.............

This is very great website for learning online radio, Thanks

its working very gud on firefox..... good sound ... beautiful songs.. thnx..

hey u r playing beautifull songs ya! thanks a lot.

Update your real player people. Mine works fine, I got the latest real player and use Google Chrome as my browser.

Very Good music... To those who are far away from TN this is a real varaprasadam....

All you people try GOOGLE CHROME....suriyan fm works fine in it

Use Internet Explorer to hear the songs from Suryan FM.
~ Adaickalavan P

very good attempt. thanks

its working on google chrome browser

i love suryan fm.good love,emotion,sad,feeling everything with my favorite songs on suryan FM.FM-Fabulous Music(songs)

Great Site and Excellent entertainment.....

thanks dude i was searching for this for a long time.. great work

its great and it works fine... Thanks for it man...

i love suryan fm.

any body is hearing suryan fm now
what song is played now

excellent...... product fr tamilians

Its great, Thanks for it dear......

I want 2 listen 2 nelii fm is there any chance is that i am lucky to listen

Very good and great job guys

I am delighted to hear songs in Suryan FM today.


Excellent reception from Carlisle, UK.

just now i found soorian fm after trying long long time thanks

Nice to hear suryan fm in sharjah.... works cool here..


Nice and good to hear suriyan FM

Thank you for the link. Its Nice and good to hear suriyan FM

great thanks.. it worked for me....

I have been trying to listen Suryan FM through internet and searched many sites. Finally I landed in this site - working fine. Thanks to people who hosted this site. SHAN

yup suriyan fm is working good even in dial up in chrome..... everyone try chrome once

Its working very well in chrome.. even in dialup connection

I tried so many sites... none of which worked... thanks tamiltubevid... its working great.. good job ;)

Works perfect... Thank you. Jai

simply superb...Thats great n nice man-"TEH"

wow, suryan fm is now everywhere. thanx to tamiltubevid.. Benji.

lot of thanks.this is very help for my job.very happy.

i used IE and Firefox but suryan fm is not working
is it working for u????

really cool!!! thnkx for the service!!!!!

its working well in all browsers.....just clear your cache memory and cookies, it will work correctly :)

THALA THALA THAN.............

how to use windows media player to hear the songs

goog time pass thanks to team who done this

suryan fm chennai i am listen songs wonderful i am very happy enjoying

really thankyou for this opp good entertainment

can i have the link to listen the tamil FM 93.5 Suryan FM online pls.

If u have the link please mail to

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