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Movie: Ethir Neechal
Cast: Nagesh, Sowkar Janaki, Jayanthi, Muthuraman, Srikanth, Major Sundarajan, Manorama
Music: MS Viswanathan, V Kumar
Direction: K.Balachandar
Year: 1968
Language: Tamil

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Maathu (Nagesh) lives under the staircase in a building complex and does odd jobs for residents in return for food and living space. He is treated poorly and exploited by most residents except a bodybuilder Nair (Muthuraman) and a retiree (Major Sunderrajan). By working hard in school, Maathu dreams of moving on in life and develops a liking for a girl (Jayanthi) who moves into the building, but he must first get past being treated as a servant by the residents

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Good movie. Thanks for your online movie service. Hope you will put on line more old tamil movies like this very soon.
One more thing: there is a problem to watch the part3 of movie 'ethir neechal'. I think the thread is brokenThanks for the fixing.

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