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Movie: Friends
Cast: Vijay, Surya, Ramesh Khanna, Devayani, Abinyashree, Vadivelu
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Director: Siddique
Year Release: 2001
Language: Tamil

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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The threesome who lend reason to the title are Aravindan(Vijay), Chandru(Surya) and Krishnamurthy(Ramesh Khanna). They value friendship over everything else, even family, and for this reason, Chandru resists the advances of Aravindan's sister Amutha(Vijayalakshmi). When the trio take up a painter's job at a mansion, Aravindan falls in love with Padmini(Devayani), who lives there and Padmini's jealous cousin(Abinayasri) makes him believe that his overtures are reciprocated. When the truth is revealed and Padmini rejects him outright, Chandru stands up for his friend and speaks ill of her. This makes her swear to separate the friends.

After the marriage,Aravindan realises the hand of abhinaya behind all the mishaps and Padmini too realises Chandru is innocent.Then the marriage of Chandru and Amutha is arranged.This is not liked by Amutha's cousin who leads to a break in friendship between the heroes.The subsequent scenes maintain the tempo leading to a usual climax.

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