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Movie: Kadhal Kirukkan
Cast: Richa Pallod, Parthiban, Vineeth
Music: Deva
Director: Sakthi Chidambaram
Release Year: 2003
Language: Tamil

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IF THE story borrowed needs to be refurbished, it ought to be done. So when "Deewangee" comes to Tamil as "Kadhal Kirukkan" (from Variety Films) the director could have improved upon the original, instead of just being satisfied with the introduction of a new comedy track. All the same, "Kirukkan" has his bright moments too.

Saravanan (Parthiban) and Maha (Richa Palot) are childhood friends. Saravanan is mad in his love for Maha, that it turns him into a killer. Knifing or gunning down anyone who comes in the way of Maha and himself, is almost child's play for Saravanan. From the old man to the posse of policemen, his victims are many and the mayhem is endless. But listlessness and dejection set in when Maha tells him that she is not in love with him. And then it's time for the denouement. If the opening of "Kadhal ... " is more like "Unnai Charan Adainthaen" and many such, the end takes you to the recent "Kadhal Kondain".

Parthiban is fairly impressive as the man who gets into a murderous rage one moment and as the conniving villain who makes people believe that he's schizophrenic, the next. But to say that such an astute person is totally unaware of the fact that it is only fear that keeps Maha subdued is unbelievable! Parthiban has to lose weight. The girth makes him look almost ludicrous at times, like in the scenes when he is running away from the police. The voice modulation is also getting clich├ęd. The beaten comedy track with Vadivelu tries your patience, more because it disrupts the narration of the main plot. So does the almost repulsive dance number.

"Kadhal ... " is a comeback vehicle for Vineeth who is seen in Tamil after ages. He does a neat job — you cannot fault him if the character, which is so confident of its intelligence, is made to look an absolute fool till the climax. Richa Palot has little to do except either look afraid or lovelorn. She tries, but the portrayal is too superficial. When Devadarshini has an expressive voice, why has someone else dubbed for her?

If imitation is the best form of flattery, S. A. Rajkumar ought to be thrilled. Deva's re-recording and "Poovae ... " song sound so much like Rajkumar's numbers. And "Paruva Thiruda... " seems to have drawn inspiration from the popular "Azhagiya Asura" ("Whistle") song. The lyrics for some of the songs, "Paruva Thiruda" in particular, clearly shows lack of imagination.

Those who enjoyed his "Ennama Kannu" and "Charlie Chaplin" would have expected a better fare from Shakti Chidambaram, who heads the crew of "Kadhal Kirukkan" with his screenplay, dialogue and direction.

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