Kasthooriman - Meera Jasmin, Prasanna - Tamil movie

Movie: Kasthooriman
Cast – Meera Jasmine, Prasanna
Production – Sindhu Lohidas
Music Director - Ilayaraja
Director – Lohidas
Language: Tamil

Part 1

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Part 2

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The movie starts with a matured getup of Arun Kumar (Prasanna), as a collector of the district. His father Pazhaniappan wants his son to get married for his personal problems. His father once was a rich film producer and he had borrowed money from a rich gentleman and was not able to repay his debt. So, the rich man wanted his daughter to get married to Arun Kumar.

AUma shankari (Meera Jasmine) and Arun (Prasanna) study in the same college. Both have financial problems, but think of the other as coming from a rich family. After a sequence of every, they come to know the true and eventually fall in love.

Uma is a lively, mischievous girl on campus, but at home, she faces acute poverty and takes up various odd jobs to take care

of her house as well as keep away from her sister’s husband, who makes advances towards her.

Arun Kumar is not interested in marriage and the movie goes to flash back. Arun Kumar and Umasankari (Meera Jasmine) studied in the same college and always involved in quarrel with each other. ( Watch out ). How Uma who is tortured by her brother –in – law enters into Arun’s family and gives a big helping hand is the crux of the story. One should watch out how Arun and Uma loves each other and is willing to get married.In the meantime, Arun Kumar’s father attempts because he is deeply in debt. Umashankari steps in and helps Arun who is preparing for I.A.S exams. She does everything to ensure that he become an IAS officer. He is turn, promises to marry her and rescue her from her situation. However Uma in an encounter with his brother-inj –law , lands in prison, and how the couple finally unites is brought out in an impressive climax – typical of the direction’s touch.

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