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Movie: Nanum (Nannum) oru Penn
cast: S.S.Rajendran,Vijayakumari, M.R.Radha, Nagesh
Director: A.C.Thiruloga Chander
Release Year: 1978
Language: Tamil

Part 1

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Part 2

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S.S. Rajendran (SSR) and AVM Rajan are brothers. They are rich and motherless. Their father S.V. Rangarao prefers fair daughters-in-laws for their house. but fate strikes in the form of Vijayakumari ( who is dark compelexioned and an illiterate) who steps in as SSR's consort. Initially Vijayakumari is disapproved by her husband and father-in-law., but her kind nature makes them change their minds. After a chain of events, Vijayakumari is forced to leave the house; thanks to the evil designs by M.R. Radha, SSR's uncle. Whether the couple gets reunited is the rest of the storyline.

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