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Movie: Periyar
Cast: Satyaraj, Jyothirmayi, Kushboo
Director: Ganasekaran
Music: Vidyasagar
Release Year: 2007
Language: Tamil

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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Part 6

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Hats off to director Gnanarajasekaran for his recent venture Periyar. The director had already acclaimed for his film Bharathi, which portrayed the life history of Bharathiyar.
Now Gnanarajasekaran has come out with Periyar which can be called daring attempt. The director has succeeded in his attempt.The film is about the life of Periyar. There would be no one in Tamil Nadu who does not know about the great leader. But this movie would tell more about him particularly for the younger generation.
The director has tried his maximum to bring out the important aspects and happenings as also the preaching of Periyar.Sathyaraj has not acted as Periyar but lived the role. A staunch follower of Periyar, it has become easy for Sathyaraj to play this role.It is the role of a lifetime for Sathyaraj. He should be acclaimed for his performance. Jyothirmayi as Nagammai and Kushboo as Maniammai fit the role excellently.

Thangarbachchan one of the best cinematographers of the Tamil film industry has again proved his talent. Vidhyasagar’s re-recording adds to the film.Making a historical movie that too a movie on the life history of a great leader of Tamil Nadu who inspired many Chief Ministers of the state is no joke.Gnana Rajasekaran has done a tremendous ground work to reproduce the life of Periyar as a movie. The movie is an invaluable asset not only for the Tamil film industry but for the people of Tamil Nadu as a whole.

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