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Movie : Pesum Padam ( Pusphak)
Cast : Kamal Hassan, Amala, Ramya Krishnan
Director : Srinivasa Rao
Music : V.S. Narasimhan
year :1988
Language: tamil

Part 1

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Part 2

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Pushpak (English title: The Love Chariot) is a dark comedy film released in 1988. Set in some large unnamed Indian city (shot in Bangalore), the film is based on the king-for-a-day story. The film is notable for its inventive recasting of the silent movie form.

Though shot in colour and featuring incidental noise, the film does not have any dialogues. However, unlike classic silent movies, there is no portrayal of characters mouthing dialogues; instead, the cinematographic strategy aims for silence by avoiding scenes or shots where a dialogue may arise and by camera placement that rationalises for the inaudibility of any dialogue.

The film follows an unnamed, almost penniless and unemployed youth (played by Kamal Haasan) whose fortunes change when he stumbles upon a millionaire drunk by the roadside. What follows is a comedic roller-coaster that parodies the state of the society.

Kamal Haasan takes the millionaire prisoner in his house and assumes his identity to taste the luxury of a five-star hotel(actually shot at Windsor Manor Hotel, Bangalore). In the process, he falls in love with a magician’s daughter (Amala). He uses his false identity to enjoy a romantic day with her. Meanwhile a contract killer is sent after the millionaire who engages in repeated failed attempts to kill Kamal with knives made of ice. Finally after seeing the millionaires wife lamenting her missing husband and witnessing several other incidents that affect his view of life deeply, Kamal decides to give up his new-found luxury. In any case, it would not have been possible to keep up the charade for a length of time.

In the much-acclaimed ending, Kamal frees the millionaire and confesses everything to magicians daughter. The magician’s daughter tells Kamal she still likes him and throws Kamal a flower and her address/phone number from a car. Before Kamal could catch them, a wind takes them some distance away. The last shot shows Kamal standing at the employment line, once again a very poor man.

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