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Movie: Shajahan (Shajagan)
Cast: vijay. Richa Pallot
Music: Manisharma
Director: Ravi
Release Year: 2001
Language: Tamil

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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Part 6

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Vijay roams with his friends and his Primary job is to make sure that "Young Lovers" who are in Love Get married to each other if it's a double Side Love. He has a complete Package for "LOVE". He will take care of Everything like Giving TIPS to Lovers, Making them to come out of their house and face the Rowdies who come Against their marriage. He has a gang, which takes care of various different things in this process. His Policy if "I LOVE YOU" comes out of Females mouth then he will do anything for the couple to get married. He has conducted 24 such marriages in past.Vijay happens to fall in Love with "RITCHA" an engineering college girl.
Vijay doesn't want to say his love to RITCHA because he thinks that the magical word "I LOVE YOU" must Come from her Side. So he does this "Patrol" job daily without her knowledge. Once his friend Krishna asks for his Help to develop Love on a female who is studying with her. Vijay not knowing that it's the same female whom he loves (RITCHA) starts to give ideas to develop his friends love. He writes letters for her and signs as his friend and the love Develops like anything. He then arranges marriage for the couple not knowing that he is arranging marriage for his lover. Time comes when he meets the Female and is shocked to see his lover. The climax is how Vijay Sacrifice his love and Makes the young couple happy.

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Thank you for the Film..

Thanks for the film..beautiful

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