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Movie: Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban
Cast: M.G.Ramachandran (Dual-Role) Latha Chandrakala Manjula S.A.Ashokan R.S.Manohar, M.N.Nambiyar Nagesh
Music: M.S.Visvanathan
Direction; M.G.Ramachandran
Release Year:1973

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was the most challenging work for MGR. When he filmed shots in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia in 1970 he had limited time and finance. Therefore he was very thrifty, nay stingy in working out the budget. He was counting on financial assistance from close friends as well. Although MGR earned high, much of the income went for charity, and he had little in saving.

He knew that the highlight of the movies would be the EXPO 1970 in Osaka as this film had no proper story line. But Japan had high standard of living and one of the costly areas in the world. So he had to make the tour of the countries within few days and limited cash. To be careful in spending he sent Idhayam Pesukirathu Manian to conduct a survey and make the necessary arrangements. Manian went early and made all the arrangemetns. However MGR was not to show up with his team. In Madras he had to struggle with many things, including Jayalalitha who was demanding a role in this mega movie with MGR’s name and fame running highest.

Finally he came down and stayed in a bungalow already booked by Manian. On the following day, MGR’s car was denied entry into the packed Expo area. But the survey had to be done. MGR carried the camera on his shoulder and walked tirelessly the entire length and breadth of the Expo area. this was to the amazement of youngsters who could not cope up with the aging, and yet energetic who was about 53 then. MGR was a genius. He spotted all the interesting and useful areas. On the following day the shot was made.

The song Ulagam Azhagu kalaikalin Sigaram had 200 shots altogether. The editor was amazed at the number of shots. Finally the song was reduced to just 4 minutes. This was the first Tamil song to have contained the most number of shots. This song alone covered almost all the important exhibits at the EXPO, and turned out to be a kind of documentary in its own way.

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what happened to parts 2 and 3 Please post them
Kasinathan, California

It has a story. It is the innovative idea for humans yet to find the solution. How to capture the energy from thunder and lighting? No one has thought of such concept. A man from South India with no education but knowledge had thought about it and make it as movie. It is indeed a great pleasure to watch this movie when we need rejuvenation of our heart through out our life.

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