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Movie : Urimaikural
Direction : C.V.Sridhar
Starring : MG.Ramachandran, Latha, SV Sahasranamam, Anjali Devi, Nambiyar, Nagesh, Tengai Seenivasan & Sachu.
Music : M.S.Visvanathan
Year : 1974

Part 1

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Part 2

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After the colossal failure of Alaigal, Sridhar faced with a huge financial crisis. On the advice of his friend Hindi actor Rajendrakumar, he approached MGR – the guaranteed box office king to do a film for Chithralaya, Sridhar’s company. With the success of Urimaikural, Sridhar paid off his debts and revived his situation.

In an interview, Sridhar recalled how magnanimous MGR was, and how he was treated with honor, understanding and respect:

In order not to give Sridhar a bad name that we went begging to MGR, MGR suggested that they have a discreet meeting in Nambiyar’s house. But Sridhar, insisting that he had no fear of such a ‘bad name’, went to Ramavaram thottam. Sridhar explained his circumstances, and asked MGR to help him out by acting a film in his direction. MGR replied that he was happy to get a chance to work with Sridhar.

As always, MGR the perfect professional immediately understood Sridhar’s problems and finished the film in a few months. He assured Sridhar of his fullest cooperation and gave him bulk dates. He went one step further and gave a handwritten note that he was giving priority to complete Sridhar’s film. Sridhar was overwhelmed when MGR explained that this note would help Sridhar to get the necessary finances for the venture.

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