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Movie: Vaathiyar
Cast: Arjun, Mallika Kapoor, Prakash Raj, Vadivelu
Music: D. Imman
Director: A. Venkatesh
Release Year: 2006
Language: Tamil

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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In Vaathiyar Arjun acts as a teacher who fights for justice. A rowdy who attempts to kill fellow-teacher Manivannan for not giving the required marks in an examination, comes to be punished at the hands of Arjun. The blows of Arjun splinter the rowdy's arm. Some innocent people dare question Arjun's taking law into his hands and they themselves become victims of the rowdy's vengeful actions. These people come to Arjun himself for help as they have no one else to turn to.

As a result, Arjun loses his job and he takes to social service. In this background, a fire breaks out in the school, where Arjun worked. The school building, which was constructed throwing the stipulated rules and regulations overboard, is destroyed in the fire, leaving many children killed.

Arjun sets out to expose the authorities who connived with the school management. How Arjun gets at the corrupt elements from education department officials down to the Tahsildar is interesting.

Heroine Mallika Kapoor has not much to do and is used mainly in song sequences. Vadivelu gets kicked all round and may be that is his usual brand of comedy. Prakash Raj appears to be a villain but is in reality a dedicated police officer who takes the help of Arjun to eliminate the rowdies.

Except for the action sequences there is nothing much to write about the movie.

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