Tamil movie -Uzhaikum Karangal - MGR Movie - Watch online, Download

Movie -Uzhaikum Karangal - MGR Movie
Banner : Kaycey Films
Producers : Kovai Chezhiyan
Director : K. Shankar
Music Director : M.S. Viswanathan
Story & Dialogue : K. Manoharan
Cast : M.G. Ramachandran, Lata, Bhavani, Kumar

Rangan (M.G.R.) works at the village chairman's house. The chairman embezzles village funds. His widowed sister-in-law Hamsakala is in love with Rangan who is blamed for molesting her and is driven away from the house. He is attacked by the chairman's goons and is saved by dancer Pankajam. Rangan marries his sweetheart Muthamma (Lata) and then, both learn about Pankajam’s love for Rangan. Meanwhile, Hamsakala gets cheated by a fraudulent sage and loses her chastity to him. Rangan saves her from committing suicide. Now, it is left to Rangan to set right the village from the fraudulent chairman and correct the lives of Pankajam and Hamsakala.

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