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Movie: Vellitherai
Banner: Duet Films
Cast: Prithviraj, Gopika, Prakash Raj, Lakshmi Rai
Direction: Viji
Production: Prakash Raj
Music: G V Prakash Kumar

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Vellithirai’ is all about two friends who want to make it big in tinsel town. Saravanan (Prithviraj), a well-informed person in filmmaking wants to become a director. Kannaiya (Prakash Raj) on the other hand has a dream to become a big star without trying to develop the necessary qualities to become one. Saravanan is a genuine person, who believes in hard work and sincerity, while Kannaiya is ready to become a star at any cost.

Kannaiya, - with middle-aged looks and a paunchy figure is obviously not hero material – but is determined to become one. He is roaming around the studios and tirelessly meeting the big weights of the industry for more than ten years. His philosophy is simple: once you start doing small roles, you will end up doing small roles all your life. He wants to become a hero at any cost and is ready to do anything.

Anything including cheating. He betrays his friend Saravanan by looting his script and gets a chance to act by using the finely written script. He becomes an actor and with a stunning victory in his debut movie he soon becomes a star. Kannaiya becomes Dilipkanth. He appoints a manager (M.S. Bhaskar) even before his first release. He develops the negative traits of stardom. He starts dictating terms.

Saravanan, on the other hand meets with a series of failures. He marries the top heroine of the industry, Mythily (Gopika), who loves him so much. Mythily, who is tortured by her brother Dinesh (Sampathraj) comes to her lover’s house and marries him. She gives up acting. Meanwhile Saravanan is struggling to make his innings in the cine field and trying very hard but in vain. The failures continue and Mythily decides to part Saravanan, just to help him come up in his life

Saravanan is deeply hurt and dejected. He loses faith in life. Then he gets a chance to prove himself. A producer (Sarath Babu), who gave Kannaiya his break, sympathises with Saravanan and gives him a chance to direct a film. But there is one hiccup. Saravanan has to make the film featuring the star who sells. He has to cast Dilipkanth.

Saravanan accepts this condition, as he is craving for a chance. This development puts the genuine filmmaker and a superfluous star against each other. The filmmaker is not allowed by the star to do what he wants to do. The creator is being constantly hurt by the star. The battle intensifies and reaches boiling point.

The rest of the movie reveals who has the last laugh. The brilliantly conceived and executed climax settles things in a convincing manner.

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