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Movie: Idaya Thirudan (Idhaya thirudan)
Cast: Jayam Ravi, Kamna Jethmalani,Prakash Raj
Director: Saran
Producer: Pushpa Kandasamy
Music: Bharadwaj

Deepika (Kamna) is the daughter of Sudharani (Vani Viswanath) the Home Secretary and one of the most efficient and honest officer in the state. However Deepika considers her mom to be a tyrant and dictator and does everything possible to irritate her and is a rebel of sorts who is also a compulsive flirt and a spoilt brat.

Deepika dresses in skimpy clothes, flirts with all men, chews bubblegum and plays pranks on others-all which makes her mothers see red!! In one of her many ways to irritate her, she takes her own vulgar pictures on mobile and sends it to her mom through e-mail from a fictitious id of T.Mahesh.

But it may sound bizarre, there is a T. Mahesh (Jayam Ravi) a catering student who is a Mr Nice guy and his parents are television artists. The e-mail upsets Sudharani whose asks her right hand man AC Mayil Ravanan (Prakash Raj) ) who has a sneaky admiration for Deepika to track down the guy. Mahesh is arrested, beaten and later sent away with a warning not to follow Deepika. An innocent Mahesh once again gets into trouble when some ant-socials kidnap Deepika and the blame fall on him.

Later Mahesh sees Deepika and it is love at first sight for him. He confesses his love and believes that fate played cupid in the form of e-mail, kidnap drama and other incidents. But she does not think so and for her Mahesh is an extension of her dominating mother. She tells him that “You are nothing but my mother in jeans and shirt”! What follows is how Mahesh challenges that he will make her confess her love and Deepika takes the extreme step of deciding to marry Mayil Ravanan to prove her point.

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