Ramana - Tamil movie -Vijayakanth - DVD rip - Watch, Download for free

Movie : Ramana
Starring: Captain Vijayakanth, Simran, Ravichandran
Music : Ilaiyaraja
Direction: Moulee

Ramana (Vijaykanth) is a college professor who is upright and honest. He believes in Gandhian principles and values. He even reforms the bad elements in the college and becomes the darling of the students. Ramana is happily married but his happiness is short lived, as his wife (Simran) is murdered. The villains are a rich industrialist (Vijayan) and his son (Riaz Khan). Ramana realizes that life is not of a bed of roses.

After a few days, top police officers and officials are missing and later found dead. The only clue left behind by the killers is that they are true Indians. Who are the killers and what is his connection with professor Ramana? All this forms the rest of this nerve-racking thriller. A clean police constable Saravanan (Yugi Sethu) pieces together the evidences and uses his brain to solve the murder cases.

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