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Movie: Vedham
Cast: Arjun, Sakshi, Vinit, Divya Unni, Mumtaz, Goundamani, Chinny Jayanth, Visu
Director: Arjun
Music Director: Vidyasagar
Release Year: 2001

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Generally it is patriotism that is the underlying theme of Arjun's films. But in ``Vedham'' he deviates much, to talk about the sanctity of the institution of marriage and glorify the familial unit. The message is loud and clear - so clear that it turns didactic. And as no preaching about family life would be complete without Visu around, the character actor is at it again in ``Vedham'', though just in a couple of scenes.

Vijay (Arjun) happens to stay at Sanjay's (Vineeth) house for a fortnight, as his guest. He comes to know of the marital discord between Sanjay and his wife Anita (Divya Unni), and silently takes it upon himself to bring the two together.

The story is definitely on different lines but the incidents that lead to Sanjay and Anita falling apart are frivolous and lack depth. Probably the snag sets in here. Arjun's story is told in a series of flashbacks and there is no confusion in the oscillation between the past and present. Both the director and the film editor (Sai Suresh) can share the credit for the same. But when the flashbacks become one too many, they begin to prove tiresome. The screenplay, which is not as taut as it ought to be, could be the culprit.

With Arjun you can expect action aplenty and the hero does not disappoint. The stunts in slow motion clearly show the toil of Arjun and his ``team'' as he refers to them in the credits. He is at home in sentiment and romance also. There is no dearth of romantic interludes either. Sakshi as Vijay's sweetheart Sita, is ravishing. It is rather intriguing that she is not seen more on the Tamil screen.

In Arjun's concept of comedy Goundamani seems an essential factor. You see him in ``Vedham'' too where he acquits himself well. Mumtaz appears to be getting more rotund by the day - not what one would expect of a temptress in films.

``Malai Katru Vandhu Thamizh Pesudhae'' (Hariharan and Mahalakshmi) is a melodious number from Vidyasagar that makes an impression. And the dance movements for ``Meenalochani...'' are a positive aspect (Raju Sundaram?).

Exotic backdrops transport you to a world of bliss in the romantic numbers, thanks to Ramesh Babu's camera.

The ingenuity of director Arjun in the climax when the villain comes from behind with a knife warrants appreciation. However stunt sequences at several points seem contrived.

Romance, action, sentiment - the film has all the right ingredients to satisfy the common viewer. It is the proportion that is not all that right. And that could well account for the tempo that is missing in ``Vedham''.

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vedham good logical and reasonable movie

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