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Movie: Johnny
cast: Rajinikanth, Sridevi, Deepa
Music: IIayaraja
Release Year: 1980
Language: Tamil

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Archana (Sridevi) plays the role of popular singer, Archana and Johnny (Rajinikanth) is her ardent fan. Johnny is a con-man who does petty-thefts (basically as per the Tamil film rule does his theft only on the greedy ones) to close the loan taken by his father. Jhonny never misses the concerts of Archana and this is noticed by Archana too. A tender love develops between the two, but Jhonny is guarded in accepting the love of Archana due to his no-so-clean background. But one day Johnny accepts the love of Archana when she proposes to him. This is one of the lovely sequence of the film and Sridevi and Rajini has acted tremendously. Sridevi all of just 17 years old when this movie was made essayed this role to the perfection, coming in Saree only throughout the film.

Meanwhile, another Rajini, a barber lives a lonely life with his assortment of pet animals. He falls for Deepa another loner and they both marry. The barber Rajini sees his wife's infidelity and kills her. Knowing about his look alike Johnny and knowing that he is wanted by the police, he tries to pass on the murder charge also to him. Both of them are chased by police, Jhonny hides in a forest, barber Rajini tries to pass of as Johnny by taking refuge in Archanas house. Archana gets hurt by the curt behavior of barber Rajini (in the guise of Johnny) and she is confused on the same.

Finally, the barber Rajini realises his folly and unites the lovers by getting caught in the police, taking responsibility of Jhonny's crimes included.

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