Jurassic Park - Tamil dubbed English movie - Watch, Download

Movie: Jurassic Park in Tamil (Tamil dubbed English movie)
Cast: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum
Music: John Williams
Director: Steven Spielberg
Release Year: 1993
Language: Tamil

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The story begins off the coast of Costa Rica, on Isla Nublar. A company called InGen has figured out how to clone dinosaurs from fossilized mosquito bellies. John Hammond, aging billionaire and owner of InGen, has leased an island to create a dinosaur park which he has named Jurassic Park. He invites a crew to endorse his park for his lawyer, Ginarro. The ragtag group consists of mathematician Ian Malcolm and paleontologists Alan Grant and Ellie Satler. John Hammond also brings along his grandchildren to enjoy the park's first test run. All the while, programmer Dennis Nedry is hatching a dinosaur of a plot twist. He plans to shut down the park to escape and steal dinosaur embryos to sell to a rival company. There is then a remarkable series of events: T-rexes escaping their cages, velociraptors slicing open bellies, and dromiceiomimus spits blinding Dennis Nedry and killing him. Eventually, the t-rex saves the survivors at the end and they run to a helicopter and escape.

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