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Movie: Subramaniapuram (DVD rip)
Cast: Jay, Swathy, Ganja Karuppu, Sasi Kumar, Samudhirakani
Direction: Sasi Kumar
Production: Sasi Kumar
Music: James Vasanthan
Release Year: 2008
Language: Tamil

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They are fun-loving and carefree, who spend most of their time together. Jai, Kanja Karuppu and Sasikumar (the director himself), are typical youths, who do not miss an opportunity to fight when they come across a brawl on the streets. Often arrested, they come out of jail with the help of a neighbor, played by Samudhirakani. The neighbor's elder brother happens to be a former Councilor.

The irony is that Jai falls in love with the Councilor's daughter. When the councilor is ditched by a member of an opposite gang, the trio step in and bump off the man. Unfortunately Samudhirakani doesn't help them this time and the three are remanded for murder. However, they manage to come out themselves.

They then vow to settle scores with Samudhirakani and the Councilor. The revenge plot has enough twists and turns.

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hii its a great work upload of vidathukaruppu serial pls upload all the episode pls

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