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Vadivelu is one of the leading comedian in the Tamil movie industry.In most movies, he plays a simpleton with good intentions but lands in trouble because of the circumstances or the eccentricities of the people he comes across. These roles involve heavy use of slapstick and puns, which has led him to being typecast. However, recently, he has transitioned his comedy to suit urban audiences too, playing more varied characters.

His performances in Bharathi Kannamma, Vetri Kodi Kattu and Winner have brought him laurels and accolades from all quarters. He does sing for some songs in his movies. Some of his popular songs are "Vandhutan Vandhutan" and "Frea vudu frea vudu".

He starred in the lead role of the historical comedy spoof "Pulikesin the 23rd". The movie was a massive hit and also widely acclaimed for the clean comedy.

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