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Movie: February - 14
Cast: Bharath, Renuka Menon
Direction: S.P.Hosmin
Production: Salem A.Chandrasekar
Music: Bharadwaj
Release Year: 2005
Language: Tamil



The movie begins with Bharath (Siva), a native of Thamaraikulam in Madurai going to Bangalore to take up his higher studies. He comes across Renuka Menon (Pooja) in the college and falls in love with her instantly.Pooja, born and brought up in USA, lives with her grandfather (Pyramid Natarajan).Pooja, a typical US citizen, doesn't like the situation here, and is totally opposite to Siva, who churns out a documentary on India to win the admiration of the professors.Pooja, dejected with no one matching her likes and dislikes in India, decides to leave for the USA.But her grandfather wants her to stay here. So, steps in Siva, who writes letters to her without disclosing his identity (in the name of Mr X). He heaps praises on her and acts as an admirer of her qualities and her preferences. Soon Pooja falls in love with Mr X. She even decides to cancel her plans to return home and launches a desperate search to locate her Mr X. She decides to take the help of Siva in locating Mr X.Fearing losing her friendship, Siva pretends to locate Mr X. After several twists and turns, the movie ends on a happy note.

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