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Movie: Maanavan Ninaithal
Cast: Rithik, Adhira, K. Bhagyaraj, Pandu, Manobala, Anumohan, Kottachi, Malini
Music: Tashi
Director: S.P Gnanamozhi
Released Year: 2008

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A different plot, the story is about Sakthi (Rithik) who hails from a poor family but is gifted with high intelligence and good memory. He works hard and earns a well deserved state rank in his twelfth standard too but then his family conditions and poverty compels him to bid adieu to studies and take up the task to help his mother in the roadside snack bar to run the family show. Sakthi who is a sober guy takes it in his stride and moves on in life but as luck would have it, things change with the arrival of media reporter Raj (Bhagyaraj) who does an interview of Sakthi and publishes his story in the newspaper. In no time, things change for Sakthi as he gets sponsors for his education and he comes to the city college. With his brilliance he also gets a scholarship and life gets hunky dory in no time. But then, Sakthi starts seeing the other side of the coin and gets carried away by the whims of bad company and soon he gets sucked into the dark side of life by getting into harmful habits. For the sake of momentary pleasures, he starts swooping down to extreme levels and this causes him to lose all his virtues. In this process, he also chances upon the beautiful Niveda (Adhira) and in a matter of pride proposes her but she turns him down bluntly. Having nowhere to go and left with nothing to do and unable to take the pain of rejection, Sakthi decides to end his life. Just at that point, someone comes to him and tries to restructure his path. Who is that person and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.

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