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Movie: Vallavan Oruvan
Cast : Jai Shankar, L. Vijayalakshmi, Manohar
Music Director : Veda
Banner : Modern Theatres Ltd.
Screenplay & Dialogue : A.L. Narayanan
Director : R. Sundaram
Language: Tamil

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The investigative department is racking their brains to solve the mystery of the steady supply of arms by an organized gang. Every person trying to investigate is killed under mysterious circumstance. Shankar (Jai Shankar) a C.I.D. is sent to solve this case. The steps taken by him, to unravel the mystery, land him in troubled waters. Shankar finds out that the head of the gang is addressed as Black Cat. But his identity is unknown. Fingers point towards Dr. Sargunam, a flourishing Psychiatrist, whose sister Tara is in love with Shankar. Will Shankar be able to reveal the real head of the gang, or will he too, like the others, meet an untimely death?

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