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Movie:Aadi Velli
Cast :'Nizhalgal' Ravi, Chandrasekar, Seetha
Director :Ramanarayanan
Music Director :Shankar Ganesh
Story & Screenplay :Ramanarayanan
Dialogue :G.K.


Valli (Seetha) is a god-fearing pious girl, living in a village called Maanagiri. She is an orphan and has an elephant and a snake for company. Both these animals are always with her and come to her rescue whenever she is in any problem or danger. Raghu (Nizhalgal Ravi) comes to this village with the intention of robbing cash from a train and bombing it. His attempts are thwarted by Valli and her companions. Raghu is also sent to jail by the villagers. On his release, Raghu pretends to have turned over a new leaf. Believing this, Valli marries him, only to be murdered and thrown into a well. Meanwhile, Raghu finds Valli to be at his house! Who is this Valli and what happens to Raghu forms the remaining part of the story.

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Hai, Please update the movie (Adi Velli).

U guys are doing great job. Keep go on. Good Luck and Best Wishes.


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