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Movie: Kutti
Cast: Ramesh Arvind, Kaushalya
Director :Janaki Viswanathan
Music Director :Ilaiyaraaja
Story : Sivasankari
Screenplay & Dialogue :Janaki Viswanathan, Ramesh Arunachalam

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Kutti' is the heart-wrenching story of a ten-year-old girl, Kannama. She leads a carefree existence with her father (Nasser), a potter by profession, who pampers her. Her life revolves around her family in the small village she lives in until misfortune strikes. Her father meets an untimely death and Kannama is sent to the city in a working couple’s house as a domestic help. The couple Ranganathan (Ramesh Arvind) and Rohini (Kaushalya) treats her well but alas! misfortune follows her here too. It enters the house in the form of Ranganathan’s mother (M.N. Rajam). Kannama is harassed and forbidden from eating chocolates given to her and even leftover cakes. The couple goes on a four-day trip, leaving Kannama with the old lady. Scarred mentally and physically and unable to take the inhuman treatment meted out to her, Kannama runs away from the house. Where does she go? What will happen to her?

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