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Movie:Murugan Adimai
Cast :Muthuraman, K.R. Vijaya
Director :R. Thyagarajan
Music Director :K.V. Mahadevan
Story & Dialogue :M.A.A. Chinnappa Devar


The story of ‘Murugan Adimai’ depicts the greatness of Lord Murugan and his extraordinary compassion towards his ardent devotees. Valliammai, the daughter of a rich businessman is an ardent devotee of lord Karthikeya, and marries Kandan another devotee even though he is a robber. After marriage he changes over a new leaf, and both live a very happy life serving the lord. Several years later, her intense prayers for a child are answered and she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. But she is aware of a prediction told to her by the lord himself, in her dreams that the child would live for only eight years. Can the couple’s fervent devotion change destiny?

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