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Movie:Poova Thalaiya (with English subtitles)
Cast :Gemini Ganesan, Jai Shankar, S. Varalakshmi, Rajashree, Nirmala
Director :K. Balachander
Music Director :M.S. Viswanathan
Story :K. Balachander
Dialogue :M. Shantharam


Parvathammal is a dominating lady. She is also always hungry for wealth and power. She loses her first daughter. She then stays with her son-in-law Ganesh (Gemini Ganesan) in his house and runs his business and his house according to her whims and fancies. She also intends to get Ganesh married to her youngest daughter Nirmala. However Ganesh's brother Shankar (Jai Shankar) opposes his brother's submissiveness. Parvathammal also dislikes Shankar and challenges him that she will create a rift between him and his brother, which will force Shankar to leave home. But Shankar is undettered. A twist in the tale comes in when we find out that Parvathammal has another daughter (Sachu) who is married to a bullock cart driver. She is embarassed by the job of her son-in-law Seena Thana (Nagesh) and therefore does not disclose her daughter's exsistence to the world. Seena Thana though wants her to acknowledge his wife as Parvathammal's daughter in the eyes of the world; he moves into her house and keeps her on tenterhooks. Meanwhile, Nirmala and Shankar fall in love with each other. To make matters worse for Parvathammal, Ganesh also falls in love with a lady named Raji, but he is scared to tell his mother-in-law about this. Will Ganesh continue to give up his love and desires under the iron fist of Parvathammal? Or will he stand up for himself and take on Parvathammal ?

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