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Movie:Pudhiya Vaanam (with English subtitles)
Cast :Sathyaraj, Roopini, Shivaji Ganesan
Director :R.V. Udhaykumar
Music Director :Hamsalekha
Screenplay & Dialogue :R.V. Udhaykumar

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Rajarathnam (Sathyaraj) loses his father in his early childhood. He is brought up by his father's friend, Pandi Durai (Shivaji Ganesan). Rajarathnam grows up to become an able police officer. Since he is one of the best officers, he is assigned the task of restoring peace at a place named Shanthi Nagar. When he reaches there, he fights the atrocities of an underworld don named Gotcha (Vijay Kumar) and his son Johny. When Maria (Gauthami), one of the victims of Gotcha's cruelties, loses her life, Rajarathnam comes face to face with Gotcha who he realises is none other than Govindan, his father's murderer. He thirsts to take revenge against him, but before he can act, he finds that his wife (Roopini) and son are in danger. Is Rajarathnam able to save his family or does he lose them, too, to his father's murderer?

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