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Movie: Durai(Dhurai)
Cast:Arjun, Keerath
Direction:A. Venkatesh
Production:P.L. Thenappan
Music:D. Imman
Release Year: 2008
Language: Tamil

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Raja (Arjun) works with a cook Arusuvai Ambi (Vivek). Raja comes across Anjali (Keerat), who catches his interest. She falls for Raja.But Raja cannot remember anything of his past. All he recollects are vague images and memories that disturb him in his sleep. After a sequence of events and chase by rowdies, Raja collects his past.Raja, a year ago was Durai, who was the close associate of honest politician Deivanayagam (K Viswanath). Durai who leads a happy life with his wife (Gajala) and his son, is hesitant to assume the post.Anjali (Keerat), a reporter, pursues him for interviews and falls in love. Deivanayagam gets killed and the blame falls on Durai.His wife and son are murdered. Eventually, Durai alias Raja takes on his enemies cracks the truth behind Deivanayakam's death. Action oozing all the way.

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Nice action movie..thanks for upload Durai movie

Durai story is a copy of GLADIATOR (2000)It is a bad attempt. Watch The Gladiator n then you will see

hi nice.

Thanks for upload thenavattu.Best website for new released movies. please release the new films after 1 day of release

no copy of gladiator u are not understand of the two movie first see fully after say

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