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Movie:Netru Indru Naalai
Cast: Ravikrishna, Akshara, Tamana, Nasser, Karunaas
Direction: Lakshmikanth
Production: Suryaprakash Rao
Music: T Anil

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The movie begins with Vettri (Ravikrishna), who is on the verge of ending his life. Frustrated by not getting a job and none to help him, he decides to commit suicide. When he decides to jump into a moving train, a dead man along with a cellular phone is spotted by him in the nick of the moment. He receives a call through the phone which makes his life go topsy-turvy. Vettri hides his identity and poses himself as Kishore, the dead man found by him on the railway track. He gets richer in a day’s time and money starts pouring in from all quarters. Later, he also comes across Swapana (Akshara), who loves Vettri by his forged identity as Kishore.

Fate strikes a fatal blow on his new found riches and takes a turn in his life. A baddie in the city Poorana (Ajay) thinks Kishore had eloped with his cash and decides to kill Kishore. This marks the cat and mouse chase that begins and continues throughout the movie, to end in serenity. How Vettri manages to escape the evil-eyes of Poorana forms the crux of the story.

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