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Cast:Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Ishita, Vedika
Production:Kalaipuli S.Dhanu
Music:A R Rehman

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Yuvaraj (Shantanoo) is a lad who grows up in the company of four friends with a penchant for mischief and an adventurous attitude. Just before he is to join college, he sees a girl named Deepali (Ishita) stranded on the road thanks to a malfunctioning car and a helpless driver. Yuvaraj finds himself in awe of her beauty and one of the most clichéd incidents happens. She walks into the same classroom as our hero is in and there is love in the air.In comes another girl Reema (Vedhika) who happens to be Yuvaraj's cousin (aunt's daughter). She too joins the same college. Reema falls for her cousin and continues to be helplessly in love even after she gets to know about Yuvaraj's and Deeplai's love affair.Yet another clichéd incident happens. Reema gives a red rose to our hero which is seen by Deepali. The girl runs away with a broken heart. The hero explains things and the affair brightens up once again. After a while Reema slips, thanks to a door mat. Yuvaraj holds her in a bid to break her fall. This again is seen by Deepali and another emotional outburst happens. The love affair is plagued by an assuming Deepali and a group of friends who want to bring the young lovers together.Yuvaraj caught between the assuming Deepali and his true feeling of love decides to end the relationship which he voices to his heart's desire. Confusion reigns until his friends conjure up an idea which would necessitate all the three people involved to come together in a 'birthday party'. One more twist happens which produces some emotional dialogues. Do the lovers come together again or does Reema's pure-love succeed?

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Sakkarakatti is one of the worst movie ever seen in my life time.A.R.Rahman brilliant music in this movie go unnoticed because of the stupid story. I beg A.R.Rahman sir please accept the movie after hearing the story.

sakkaratti..aiyo aiyo..managatti...mudiyala..eppova kanna katuthey

i dont like this movie because "this love story sucks" and it came till this limits because of its songs

thanks for high quality movie

this movie realy was suck.....but ar.rahman was rockking with his music....and shanthanu
was cute..........

i really......... this movie

i hate the movie very much but our music director was really rockking and super

wat the sucking movie is it............

not so cooooooooooooool..

de worst movie eva..... ar rahman superb!!!!!

This Movie is true love except the ending is a bit wrong coz he shouldn't insulted her. I feel sorry for Vedhika thow. Everything is fine i give it a 8/10.

the movie sux.....

i love shanthanu- he is so fit! wow what a cute face! the movie sticks i only watched the movie to see shantanu!!!!!!! i luv u shanthanu!!!

awesome movie!!!!!!!

This is movie is simply boring i wasted my time looking this movie

I got headache by watching this movie!!!!!
I gonna file a complaint

this movie was touching esp. at part3 frm minute 7 to 9.........

the movie dsnt have any point!!

yepp the story really suckz.....i luv the songs but

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