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Cast:Bharath, Poonam Bajwa, Simran, Vaidvelu
Music:G.V.Prakash Kumar
Release Year:2008
Language: Tamil

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The beginning is promising, at any rate, as you watch a Don't-Care Murugesan (Bharath) limp sorrowfully from the Central Jail, Palayamkottai, in a scruffy beard and glasses.He's been incarcerated for 17 years. Naturally, there's a story which rewinds from 1989. In those halcyon days, he's an unruly youngster in pretty village Sivasailam, (Hari's forte, Thirunelveli District), the son of a hard-working flower-sellers (Rajesh and Yuvasri), with Thapaal Thangavelu (Vadivelu), who provides as much laughter as the posts he delivers.Life is a long, sunny adventure for Murugesan who beats people up, sells his grandfather's land, runs over rooftops (like the rooster of the title) and incurs so much of his father's wrath that he's prophesied to meet a horrible end. Not that this gloomy prospect affects Murugesan -- he continues on his own sweet way until he runs smack into Parijatham (debutante Poonam Bajwa), a demure, fair-complexioned, striking Iyer girl, the daughter of Panjami Iyer (Y G Mahendra) and the younger sister of Gayatri (Simran).Thus we have the first half which is a series of rollicking fun interspersed with logical sequences; the two have sudden and quirky escapades.In the meantime, the village's bigwig (Sampath Raj), who's magnanimous in public and a tyrant at home, casts his eyes on Parijatham. What sets his characterisation apart is that he's not your average villain who shrieks and carries away the heroine; he places his pawns carefully, and is afraid of being found out. He and Murugesan come close to breaking each other's bones many times -- but the situations diffuse themselves in a perfectly natural fashion.Several twists in the tale occur in a quick fashion, and Murugesan and Parijatham are bound in a net from which, seemingly, there's no escape.

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