Kanchivaram - Tamil Movie - Watch Online for Free

Movie: Kanchivaram - Watch Online for Free
Cast:Prakash Raj,Raj
Director: Priyadarashan
Release Year: 2008
Language: Tamil

Watch Online Kanchivaram Tamil Movie for Free

The seeds of tragedy are planted during a traditional “first feeding” ceremony when ambitious weaver Vengadam (Prakash Raj) makes a public promise that his infant daughter will be married in a silk sari. Neighbors are aghast at his hubris: Craftsmen of his caste could never afford such a luxury, and feudal overlords harshly control the means and materials of production.Determined to keep his pledge as a matter of pride, Vengadam starts stealing a silken thread each day so he might weave in secret. Over the years, he becomes a spokesman for his fellow craftsmen, leading them in collective action to obtain better wages and working conditions. When a prolonged strike coincides with preparations for his daughter’s wedding, Vengadam is torn between his communist ideology and his desire to keep his oath.

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gud location,stry,direction and totally fantastic...

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