Baasha-Super Star Rajinikanth-Watch Online for Free

Cast: Super Star Rajinikanth, Nagma, Raghuvaran, Janakaraj
Music: Deva
Director: Suresh Krishna
Release Year: 1995

Watch Online Baasha Tamil Movie for Free

Manikkam (Rajinikanth) is an auto driver with a glorious past. The movie starts with Manikkam giving money to two auto drivers to help them pay dowry and for an operation. As the movie rolls on, his sister who gets 98% in her exam cannot get into a private medical college because she cannot pay the fees. He then goes and talks to a person in-charge of the admission process and requests him to speak alone. He says something that is not audible to the audience and the admission person suddenly gets scared and says he is willing to give even 100 seats if Manikkam wants.Based on unexpected twists to the story, like the one above, the movie shows that Manikkam was actually once a Don named Manik Baashha in Bombay (now Mumbai).Manikkam had a great friend (Anwar Baasha). They were great chums together despite being from different religions. Once Anwar questions the activities of Antony, the Mafia Don(Raghuvaran). Events lead to Antony's men killing Anwar in the main road. Manikkam is saved due to the pleas of his father (Vijayakumar), who works as the personal assistant of Antony.Manikkam vows to avenge his dear friend's death. He does so by murdering all those responsible before even his friend is laid to rest. The people of Mumbai also come to his support and claim they have not seen any murder occur to the police.Manikkam soon becomes Manik Baasha, the Don - the "Robin Hood" kind of a Don. He is greatly revered by the people. But situations lead him to direct confrontation with Mark Antony.Antony convinces an assistant of Baasha to murder him on his birthday. But Baasha cleverly recognizes the plot and his foes end up shooting a wax model of him. The assistant is evicted and he later appears in the movie as the father of Manikkam's fiancee(Nagma).Meanwhile, Antony goes desperate in his attempts to quell the Baasha challenge. The only option left with him is to kill Baasha's father. His loyalty notwithstanding, Antony proceeds with that. Baasha on the other hand aids the police in the arrest of Antony. He also promises his father before his death to forgo all Dondom and return to Chennai to lead a peaceful life. He makes the media and the police believe that he has died in an accident.Keeping his real identity secret, he starts a new life in Chennai as an auto-rickshaw driver. But in his new life, he meets and falls in love with Priya (Nagma), and marries her. But unfortunately, his old life has followed him when a former member of Mark Antony's gang, recognises Manik Baashha and reports it to Antony, who has escaped from prison.Antony promptly murders Nagma's father and proceeds to kill Baasha. The climax ends with Baasha brother killing Mark Anthony.

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