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Movie:Ingeyum Oru Gangai
Cast : Murli, Chandrashekar, Tara
Director, Screenplay : Manivannan
Story, Dialogues : P. Kalaimani
Music Director: Ilaiyaraaja

Kathamuthu is a poor village youth who leads his life stealing others cow and then giving it back to them for a price. The whole village knows about his business. Kathamuthu and Maruthayi fall in love, but Maruthayi’s father objects to their marriage due to Kathamuthu’s social status. Kathamuthu vows that he will go to the city and earn lots of money and then come and marry Maruthayi. After Kathamuthu’s exit from the village, Maruthayi’s father gets her married to a rich but handicapped man. Kathamuthu returns to the village, with lots of money and an improved social status, however he finds that Maruthayi is married to someone else, Kathamuthu is shattered. What will Kathamuthu do? Will he accept the truth and forget Maruthayi or will he try to destroy Maruthayi’s life? Watch ‘Ingeyum Oru Gangai”.

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