Maaya - Tamil Movie -Watch Online for Free

Cast :Nepoleon, Nagma, S.P. Balasubrahamanyam
Story, Screenplay & Direction :Ramanarayanan
Music Director: R.R.G
Dialogues :Pugazhmani

Watch Online Maaya Tamil Movie for Free

The film ‘Maaya’ shows how Sai Baba protects his devotees and destroys evil. Bomairangan is a staunch devotee of Sai Baba. One day one of Baba’s idol takes him to a bungalow indicating to him that something untoward is going to happen in that house. True to Bomairangan’s fear three people with three different motives enter Pratap’s house. All of them are out to kill Pratap’s son due to a prophecy made to each of them. Pratap’s son who has a Swastik birth
mark on his right palm is a special kid. How Baba saves the child and thwarts the evil intentions of the villains is what the second half is all about.

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Please get think work or please get me the song of this movie.. Pls pls pls...

Can you pls correct the link? Cannot see the movie

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