Manmadhan - SImbu - DVD Movie - Watch Online for free

Movie: Manmadhan(Manmathan) -DVD Movie - Watch Online for free
Cast:Silambarasan, Jyothika, Sindhu Tholani, Goundamani, Mandira Bedi, Yana Gupta, Atul kulkarni
Direction:A J Murugan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Release Year: 2004

Part 1

Part 2

Simbu, an accountant by profession, gets to work in a music college. He meets Jyothika here. The latter however runs away from him as he is the one who rapes her in a dream (nightmare?).Now, we are shown a Simbu who chases girls with the intensity and interest of a Lothario. He seduces girls and finally burns them. Thus several nubile young girls vanish from the city.Policeman Atul Kulkarni, who is in charge of the investigation, manages to nail Simbu.It is when the truth comes tumbling out: Actually, there are two Simbus out there. One is soft and honest, working in music college. The other is the Don Juan, killing women like a Jack the Ripper. But Jyothika who mistakes the first for the second hands the former to the police.In the flashback, we are told that the two Simbus are twins and the killer is taking it out on young girls because he himself is a victim of young girl's (Sindhu Tolani) duplicity. After being loved and thrown away by Sindhu, the other Simbu develops a hatred for women. So he goes on a seduction and killing spree.The rest of the story is about how law catches up with him. But there is also some unexpected twist in the tale and that adds to the story value.

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