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Movie:Poo - Watch online for free
Cast : Srikanth, Parvathy
Direction : Sasi
Music : S S Kumaran
Cinematography : Sakthi Saravanan

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The film follows the life of Mari, a rural girl with an incredible affinity to her cousin (Thangarasu). Both, as children share a world that is filled with laughter, pranks and even embarrassing moments. But as time the weary traveler plods on, the golden gates of childhood close behind them forever. Even as many a cherished moment fades into distant memory the affinity that has blossomed into love stays true.Thangarasu is off to Chennai to pursue a course in Mechanical Engineering and Mari finds herself working in a cracker factory chirping away all the time about the man-of-her-life to her dear friend and colleague.Scores of questions are raised as the film unfolds. Would an engineer want to marry a simpleton like Mari? Is Mari's love such an overdose that it'll destroy even her? etc…. Societal pattern plays a huge part all through the film.Thangarasu's father, a hard working man uses his bullock cart to transport wares and is extremely happy to be referred to as 'Pennakaarar' (courtesy, he owns a pen and knows how to write too….). The man is ecstatic at the fact that his son would soon be an engineer earning huge sums of money. Thangarasu becomes the toast of the village thanks to his studies.Would Mari's desire, societal norms and wavelength of thoughts converge? The crux of the film deals with all this.

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There is no video..only empty box shown ...please activate that site... i want watch varanam aayiram and poo...please help me ..

HI Karthicraj,

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tamiltubevid team

hi.. can u please load mazhalai pattalam movie plz. i am searchin for months. please

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