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Movie: Boys-English Subtitle-Watch Online
Cast: Siddarth, Genelia, Bharath, Vivek
Music: A.R.Rahman
Director: S.Shankar
Release Year: 2003
Language: Tamil

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In the film, there are five teenagers who are very good friends. They have stereotypical teen-boy fantasies - proposing to every girl they come across, touching women in crowded areas, boozing, porn, and call girls etc. In the process they meet a girl Harini (Genelia). A guy called Munna (Siddharth) from this group of boys falls in love with her and she falls for him too. After coming to know about it, the parents separate the boy, girl and the friends. The boy and the girl get desperate and elope, with their group of friends, to Tirupati and get married. And this marriage was held by Mangalam Sir (vivek).The parents throw them out. The friends also come out to support this young couple. They all work together to make a living. They find their strengths and hidden talents. They form a band called 'Boys'. Sign a contract with Sony Music and win the MTV awards. In the process, differences crop up between the wedded couple and they fall out. The rest of the film is all about how they get united with the help of their friends.Mangalam Sir also helped them to reveal their talents for singing.The group "Boys" succeed in their effort and become very famous and rich despite all the hardships they had to face

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