Tamil Movies-Megavideo Hack-Watching More Minutes-Watching Online for Free

Free Tamil Movies-Megavideo Hack-Watching More Minutes-Watching Online Tamil Movies for Free

Dear Tamiltubevid visitors, recently We are getting comments how to watch more minutes on megavideo. We find solution to it, try it.

As you know many videos are posted on Mega Video, for the simple fact that there's no file size limit, they stream fast, and (if done right) the links last a long time!

But recently, Mega Video has converted to a pay site, where in order to enjoy full use of the site would require a monthly subscription fee, and without paying this fee, you would only be allowed around 78 minutes of time before you would be cut off and have to wait 2 HOURS to be able to view more material on the site (which means if a movies 85 minutes long, your gonna miss the end by a few minutes minus credits) that sucks!

WELL, We Have Discovered a "By-Pass" which will enable you to view movies and videos on Mega Video ALL DAY! EVERYDAY! AND WITHOUT PAY!

Method 1
Follow these simple steps, and you will have full access to Mega Video .... enjoy the movies!....
1. Choose a MegaVideo Movie or Show to watch, Choose Multiple if you like.
2. Start the video or videos and pause them once they start to Buffer.
3. Wait until Video or Videos reach 100% Buffered.
4. When finished buffering go to File on Your Browser Menu Bar and go down and choose Work Offline.
5. Now You can Watch all the Movie or Movies you Have 100% Buffered.
6. Remember to go back and deselect Work Offline when you are ready for another Movie or want to Browse the Web again.

Method 2
Switch off your router or modem and wait for a minute and then switch on the modem and continue enjoying the movie.

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nice tips thank you.. dude

Nice work dude..thanks for wonderful tip

cool tips thanks a lot!!!

will it buffer for full movie time without interruption?

If not success with follow methods, Easy solution here... While your watching movie 72 min, make a 1 min break and do this. but you need to compliantly close your web browser.

1) Close your web browser.

2) If your using Vista go to start and type in search bar %temp% press Enter (Windows go to RUN and type in %temp% press Enter) you'll get internet file saved file.

3) Select all files and delete, if something pop ups press Skip button until that close (this action can make your browser much speed and clearing your memory also time consuming. otherwise you've to search that Video file).
4) Open your web browser and continue your movie. you can play where you stopped.

Enjoy :)Also thanks for Admin.

Thala kaapathitinga thala....Thank u mate

nice very nice no words to say

here a real better solution Download Plug-in (Firefox) this will cancel restriction 72 min. instaall it and never more you will have problems you can watch and downlod all videos !!


Use Illimitux extension better than detecvideo extension


Illimitux extension is a FireFox tool that removes limitations imposed by streaming plateforms as Veoh, MegaUpload or MegaVideo. Its purpose is watching without restriction vides from those platforms. When your are in one of these websites. Illimitux identifie the video and show a little icon in the sideBar of the browser telling you to remove the limitation. Once you click on it, you'll be redirected to our website to view the Full video.


Wow.. awesome.. Great tips.. Thanks a ton

Another option to view the movies is
1. Download firefox & get it installed


2. Download cocoaweb add-on which will with .xpi format


3. go to the location where
cacaoweb-1.0.9-fx sm.xpi
a) right mouse click open with firefox
b) firefox will prompt if the xpi can be added
click ok.
c) restart the firefox

Done ... you can watch any movies from megavedios , no adds & no time limit.

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