Anandham-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Anandham-Watch Online for free
Cast : Sneha, Ramba, Mamootty, Murali, Abbas
Music : S.A.Rajkumar
Director : Linguswamy
Release Year: 2002

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The four brothers Tirupathi, Madhavan, Kannan and Surya (Mammootty, Murali, Abbas and Shyamganesh in that order) come up in life the hard way. They have very supportive parents (`Delhi' Ganesh and Srividya). And even under trying circumstances the brothers remain undaunted and united.Devayani's enactment as Mammootty's wife is neat and flawless. Rambha is Madhavan's wife Renuka. And as a rarity, the actress's acting ability has been well utilised. No suggestive gestures or revealing costumes for Rambha in `Anandham', only a decent duet.Sneha has been paired with Abbas who reveals remarkable improvement in histrionic abilities. Definitely one of the best roles he has donned so far and an opportunity that he has utilised well. Sneha is apt as Viji, the girl who falls in love with Kannan and later pines for him but her gaudy dresses hurt the eye. From the small screen to the big, it is a major leap for Shyamganesh. Honing his dancing skills is a must for the young man at this stage.However, much you try to justify it, seeing Srividya as Mammootty's mother is a bit too difficult to digest.Vijayakumar is dignified as usual. But his so-called villainous threats seem mere empty words. The characterisation could have been more forceful.Pleasing locales and soothing camera angles are the other positive aspects of ``Anandham''.The dialogue, in many places, reminds you of Maniratnam's style of intonation. The scene in which Abbas asks Vijayakumar, ``Do you know what familial bond is?'' is an example. The rhetoric here is so much like the scene in `Dhalapathi' where Rajnikanth goes on in a similar vein about friendship.Eschewing vulgarity and double entendres is not an easy step in a commercial venture. Producer R.B. Choudhary and director Lingusamy deserve a pat for their boldness

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