Appu-Prasanth-Tamil DVD Movie-Watch Online for Free

Movie:Appu-DVD Movie-Watch Online for Free
Cast:Prashanth, Devayani, Prakash Raj, Vignesh
Screenplay , Dialogues & Director : Vasanth
Producer: Pushpa Kandaswamy
Story : Mahesh Bhatt
Music Director : Deva
Music Director :V.S. Narasimhan

Appu (Prashanth) is a taxi driver in Mumbai who is haunted by the suicide of his sister who was sold to a brothel. He is still trying to find out the culprit when he meets Geetha (Devayani) who is chased by a Eunoch, Maharani (Prakash Raj) who is also responsible for the death of his sister. Maharani is the kingpin of the flesh trade in Mumbai and wants the beautiful Geetha for the flesh trade. Appu falls in love with Geetha and vows to rescue her from Maharani. He faces the wrath of Maharani and finally saves Geetha from her.

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