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Movie:Mani Magudam
Cast: S.S. Rajendran, Jayalalitha, R. Vijayakumari, M.N. Nambiar
Director :S.S. Rajendran
Producer : D.V. Narayanaswamy
Music Director : R. Sudarshnam
Story :Kalaigner M. Karunanidhi
Dialogue :Kalaigner M. Karunanidhi

Watch Online Mani Magudam Tamil movie for free

The film is based in a place called Manimagudapuram, whose King’s atrocities have no limit. Unable to bear the atrocities of the King a group of citizens form a revolutionary party. On one hand this group is out to kill the king and on the other, The Kingdom of Vengai is preparing to attack Manimagudapuram, for which Mahendran one of Vengai Kingdoms spy is planted as the Raj-Guru of Manimagudapuram. The King Manimaran Bhoopati (S.S. Rajendran) who smells all this takes the guise of a revolutionary Pulamaipithan, and starts investigation. Not only does he expose the sinister plans of Mahendran but he successfully convinces the revolutionist’s that he actually wants to make his Kingdom a democratic state where it will be the rule of the people. The Film ends with Manimagudapuram becoming a democratic State.

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