Nadigan-Sathyaraj-Tamil comedy Movie-Watch Online for Free

Movie: Nadigan-Tamil comedy Movie-Watch Online for Free
Cast: Satyaraj, Kushbu, Koundamani, Manorama, etc
Music: Illayaraja
Director: P.Vasu
Release Year: 1990

Watch Online Nadigan Tamil Movie for Free

Raja(Satyaraj) is in dire need of money for an operation needed for his ailing mother. While travelling, his suitcase gets mixed up with that of a music teacher('Venniraadai' Moorthy), who is on his way to Island estate. Availing himself of the opportunity(and the introductory letter), Raja turns himself into a 55 year old music teacher Devaraj and proceeds to the estate. Island estate is ruled with an iron hand by an old woman(Manorama). But Devaraj's behavior softens her and makes her dream of living a life with him while Raja, in his original form, romances with her granddaughter Geetha(Kushboo). Meanwhile, a video tape that incriminates a rich businessman for killing his friend has found its way into Geetha's handbag and his henchmen are also after her.

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the movie nadigan is not screening after 5 minutes ,please check and correct...

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