Rail Payanangalil-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for Free

Movie:Rail Payanangalil (with English Subtitles)
Cast:Srinath, Rajeev, Jyothi, Sivaranjini, Master Anand
Producer :Mylai Gurupadham
Director :T. Rajender
Music Director : T. Rajender
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue :T. Rajender

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The dictum man proposes and god disposes holds true, in the movie 'Rail Payanangalil". Vasanth a famous singer and composer is silently in love with Shanti, a college student, and vice versa. Before they both verbally profess their love for each other, Shanti's mariage is fixed with a philanderer, Deepak. Ravi, Vasanth's P.A., settles an old score with Shanti, by poisoning Deepak's mind against Shanti. Both the lovers live in their respective hell, till fate intervenes again in their lives.

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