Thullatha Manamum Thullum-Vijay-Watch Online for Free

Movie: Thullatha Manamum Thullum-HQ MOvie-Watch Online for Free
Cast: Vijay, Simran

Kutty (Vijay) works at odd jobs and wants to be a music director. So he sings often, making up songs, at functions and otherwise. Rukmini (Simran) happens to hear one of these songs, and falls in love with his voice, but unfortunately, whenever the two meet, circumstances make it look like Kutty is a rowdy. In the middle, Kutty lives up to his "rowdy" reputation by unwittingly spilling acid in Rukmini's eyes, rendering her blind.Kutty performs penance by taking care of her, but she never knows that "her" Kutty and the rowdy are one and the same person. He gives up everything for her eventually, even going so far as refusing to cry in front of her when his mother (who we never see) dies. Eventually, he donates his mother's eyes to her so that she may see again, but due to more unfortunate circumstances, when she regains her eyesight, he has been falsely imprisoned in Pune.Rukmini, now able to see again, studies hard and becomes Collector. When Kutty finally comes back to her after his jail term, she remembers him only as the "rowdy," and not as her lover, and so she throws him into the back of a police vehicle and is about to send him away.

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i want 2 watch this movie....... but it is unavailable.. i cant see this... plsssss i want 2 seee thsss
i hav heard muchhhh about the film btt still i could nt see ths

thanknyouuuuuuu very much

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