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Movie:Mannin Maindhan
Cast:Sibiraj, Suha, Sathyaraj, Manoj K Jayan, Ponnambalam
Direction:Rama Narayanan
Production:Rama Narayanan

Part 1

Part 2

Bhairavamurthy (Manoj K Jayan) and Gajapathy (Ponnambalam) are two landlords in Metukudi village who fight with each other on all issues. They have men loyal to them who wield their aruvals and throw country bombs on each other quite often.Meanwhile, Bhairavamurthy's wife and his car driver get killed by Gajapathy's men. An agitated Bhairavamurthy urges Kadhir (Sibiraj), the car driver's son, to take revenge on Gajapathy one day and grows him up in his house.Bhairavamurthy's daughter Amutha (Suha) returns to the village from college hostel, only to fall in love with Kadhir. Coming to know about their affair, an agitated Bhairavamurthy decides to bump off Kadhir and joins hands with his enemy Gajapathy to accomplish the task. The rest is Jeyam style in which the couple flees the house and runs around village to finally get wedlocked. It's not over yet. Scores of men belonging to both landlords understand the folly of taking a violent path and finally throw away their aruvals and return to normal life only to teach both the landlords a lesson.

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