Parijatham-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Parijatham-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast:Prithviraj,Saranya,Bhagyaraj,Prakash Raj

Part 1

Part 2

Prakashraj and Seetha have son named Sridhar (PrithiviRaj). Sumathi (Saranya Bhagyaraj) is the daughter of Sarathbabu. Sumathi lived in palatial house and enjoyed luxurious life at her childhood. Her father Sarathbabu lost his wealth and family is pushed to poverty.Seetha's family shifts their base to the house opposite to Sumathi's house. Sumathi approaches her for servant maid post. Seetha was impressed by Sumathi's wise and sensible character at first sight and takes her as servant maid. After few days, Seetha comes to know that house being occupied her was owned by her servant maid family. Seetha is influenced by Sumathi’s modesty, kindness and good nature. She expresses her desire to make Sumathi as her daughter in law. Sumathi accepts her request.Seetha communicates over phone to her husband and son that she had identified her daughter in law. But she does not reveal the identity of her daughter in law and tells them that she would communicate the same when she meets them in person. But unfortunately she dies in an accident before communicating the identity of her daughter in law.After his mother's death, Prithiviraj vows to locate and marry a girl identified by her mother. Bhagyaraj who moves to Prakashraj and Prithiviraj house snoops to find out girl identified by Seetha.

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